StatsD Noise reduction!

If you like metrics (and we do!) StatsD is a fantastic way to get a wide variety of statistical views of your data, as well as providing the very useful ability to sample your data instead of firing giant streams out over the intertubes. It’s also got wide language support and there are dozens of client libraries to help you get started quickly.

One complaint we hear when running our Hosted StatsD service is that StatsD is a little bit too noisy. If you’re sending a wide range of metrics, the full set of StatsD data views (your percentile data, minimums, maximums etc) ends up producing eight times more metrics than if you just sent plain metric data. Couple that with the fact that Hosted Graphite already captures all of these views for every metric sent and you’re basically just eating up metrics that you probably don’t need.

To help with this, we’ve just added filtering for data sent to Hosted StatsD – you can keep the views you want and we won’t store the ones you don’t need. 

There’s a simple check-box setup:

This gives you all the flexibility of StatsD, without the extra noise.