New UI open for beta testers


We’ve been collecting feedback from our customers on the bits of Hosted Graphite that need improvement.  Overwhelmingly the answer was like the old grade school report card that our interface “was not working to potential”.  

Ok, we were listening! We’ve been hard at work developing a completely new interface for Hosted Graphite. Ww feel like we’ve put together a far more intuitive layout that leaves us plenty of room for the new ideas we’re launching.

What’d we change?

  1. New tasty-looking UI! Easier on the eyes, fewer calories and packed with vitamins.
  2. Improved Team Sharing – Invited users flow straight into the team account directly, no more unintuitive ‘impersonation’ process.
  3. Metric Expiry – The ability to control when you want to eliminate stale metrics.
  4. New Integrations – Stay tuned!

We’re rolling this out at the moment, and if you’re interested in being first on the list simply mail and we’ll hook you up.

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